Facilities for disabled physical activity

A disability doesn't mean you can't exercise and there are a number of centres across the U.K. who can provide you with specialised apparatus and classes to help you achieve your fitness goals. All you have to do is do some research and find the appropriate service for you and your disability.

Tailored exercise

Every person has a tailored exercise regime regardless of his or her physical condition and it is always important to find the routine and equipment you feel most comfortable with. For example, if your condition affects the lower half of your body, you may want to involve yourself in exercise that works out the upper torso and arms, using equipment designed for the exercise of this area.

Enhancing your fitness and social life

Sport centres and gyms hold a number of work-out classes for people around the community, with many providing relevant services for members with a disability. These classes are a great way to socialise and meet new people, while enhancing your fitness and wellbeing.

Flying, skiing and riding

There are also a number of organisations who provide a great range of sports for people with a disability to get involved with. You can go flying with the APT Charitable Trust, skiing with the British Disabled Water Ski Association and riding with the Riding for the Disabled Association and there are many, many more societies and associations out there, offering great experiences and support.

Searching online

Searching online can help you find centres and gyms that provide adapted equipment, groups and societies who organise sporting experiences and events and local sports team who involve everyone, regardless of their physical condition.

Your physical fitness needn't be put on hold because of a disability and it just takes customised exercise to have you in tip-top health.