Physical activity for adults with disabilities

The importance of physical exercise and the consequential wellbeing for adults has never been better recognised, with a wealth of initiatives available nationwide and in your local community. The benefits this can have to your health, whether you are disabled or not, cannot be discounted and it is something everybody should be aiming to fit into their schedule. There are still barriers and there are some exercises you will not be able to do due to your disability, but by adjusting exercises and making the effort you can find physical activities that make a world of difference to both your physical and mental wellbeing.

Benefits of physical exercise

Other than the obvious physical benefits of physical exercise for adults with disabilities, such as improved circulation, reduced blood pressure and increased muscle tone, this kind of activity can also have great mental benefits. By seeing others with the same disability, individuals can be made to realise that they are not alone and they can even make some friends along the way. Also, you will be able to get tips from other people and offer your own, so that more solutions can be found to problems and fun levels can be increased.

Adapting a sport or exercise

Disabled people are still able to partake in the major sports and exercises we know, but the key to making these activities accessible is by adjusting them accordingly. For example, sports like basketball, rugby and golf have all been adapted so that they are suitable for people with disabilities and, what's more, these sports have grown in popularity so that more people than ever are trying them out. One sport that seems to be the most welcome among people with disabilities is swimming. This is because of the limited strain that is placed on the body, and it also gives you the chance to push your body to a level that you know will not take it too far.

Know your level

If you are disabled and an adult and you are hoping to start doing physical exercise, see your GP or physical therapist to ensure you are ready. There is no point pushing your body beyond its limits and then cominkg out the other side all the worse for it. Exercise is supposed to be fun, but this will only be the case if you give your body the proper amount of time it needs.